What is Vet-Star FC MN?

Vet-Star FC MN is a soccer club of friends who played soccer early on in their lives as career professionals and as fanatics, and have now decided to continue in that tradition as a means to keeping fit and supporting each other as family. As a soccer club, Vet-Star seeks to:

a)  Promote the moral, spiritual and physical health and well-being of its members through regular exercise;

b)  Promote a spirit of brotherhood and socio-economic development among its members.

c) Advance our development by identifying resources and potentials for the socio-economic wellbeing of our Club and members.

d)  Promote the proud football cultural heritage of Africa within the state of Minnesota and beyond through the establishment of a “Football Club”.

e)  Collaborate with other organizations provided the goals and objectives of such organizations do not conflict with our stated objectives, interests, and aspirations.


Becoming a Vet-Star member

Guidelines to New Membership in Vet-Star FC MN.

1. All new members must be 35 years or older.

2. The membership cap for Vet-star is 70 members.

3. All new members must participate in at least one Vet-star practice a week or in attendance.

4. All new members will be on probation for six months before being fully admitted to the club.

5. All new members must be introduced by a current member, and it is the responsibility of the current member to make sure the candidate has read the club constitution.

6. All new members must participate in one out-of-state Vet-star activity in a 2 year period or risk their membership.

7. No money will be accepted for a new member until they have been accepted in the probationary phase of joining the club which last for six months.

8. There is no refund ones you are accepted in the probationary phase, even if you decide to leave before the period expires.

9. A current member cannot introduced two members in a year.

10. Any gross misconduct is grounds for dismissal from the club.

11. New members are not eligible for benefits until after six months of membership. They however are still required to meet club obligations consistently during the six month period.

The process is very simple. Talk to any member of Vet-Star, and they will direct you to a member of the vetting committee.